PULSE Awards 2022: Sex, Life, Chaos: Calm - The SEXhibition of the Year


PULSE Awards - The Sexual Health and Well-Being Art Contest of The Year

PULSE Awards 2022: Sex, Life, Chaos: Calm - The SEXhibition of the Year

PULSE Awards 2022: Sex, Life, Chaos: Calm - The SEXhibition of the Year


PULSE Social Enterprise is a company of healthcare, arts, technolgy and innovation. PULSE Social Enterprise comprises of

  • PULSE Clinic — Asia's leading lifestyle clinic for everyone.
  • PULSE Gallery — The art space for showcasing creativity.
  • PULSE Tech and Innovation — Creating digital transformation for small to medium businesses in Asia.

PULSE believes that a healthy society recognizes and supports an individual’s potential, and our aim is to provide services to make the society progress forward.

In 2021, PULSE had launched an exceptional art competition PULSE Awards 2021: Art for Life, under the theme ‘Sexual Health Matters’, which had a wonderful cooperation from many artists all over the world. This year, by the virtue of art, PULSE is again launching PULSE Awards 2022, under the theme ‘Sex, Life, Chaos: Calm’.


PULSE Awards 2022: Sex, Life, Chaos: Calm

After a long period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world became more active; people were able to interact with each other in person, shops started reopening for everyone to come to the place, and a lot of group activities were done more freely. This means we are on the way back to the normal state where people live together with happiness and liveliness in society.

Sex is one of major things many of us missed out on during the pandemic. This phenomenon represents the lack of spiritedness, lust, intimacy, mental and physical connection, and excitement, which are the instinctive desires of humans. Even though sex is not everything for life, we can’t deny that sex is desired for gaining pleasure, like spices increase the taste of food. However, if you put too many spices on your dish, it could be chaotic in both positive and negative ways depending on how you handle the situation. And after the end of chaos, calm will replace and turn itself to the highest state of mind.

As mentioned, Sex, Life and Chaos are significantly and dimensionally relatable to each other, and the terminal of the relation is Calm. PULSE is providing the floor for artists to express their creativity and interpret the meaning of these words in their own styles. The best ones whose artworks impress us according to the criteria will win the prize and their works will be displayed in our galleries in Bangkok.

For more information, you can ask us directly.

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Call for Artists


PULSE Awards 2022 is open for artists — regardless of submission to the previous competition — from every country who are passionate, determined and unique to showcase their works of creativity, including painting (2D), sculpture (3D), photography and ceramics. Artists must be at least 18 years old, either new or emerging contemporary visual artists, and there is no entry fee. Artists can submit more than one entry but only one entry per category. If you’re interested

please submit your work to pulseawards@pulse-clinic.com with the following details and attachments:

  • Artwork
  • Artwork Name
  • Artwork Description (50-100 words)
  • Medium
  • Dimension
  • Year of Creation
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Short Biography

And for those joining the Painting (2D), Sculpture (3D), or Ceramic category, artists must send at least 3 photos of their work in three different angles (front, left, right, etc.). We don’t have a size limit for artwork submissions. However, large works will be considered on a case-by-case basis and based on the ability of the exhibition space to accommodate the artwork.


Key Deadlines

Submission: now - 15 December 2022
Announcement : 23 December 2022
Opening Party : TBA
The S#Xhibition: 23 December 2022 – 28 February 2023
Art Auction: TBA


Terms and Conditions

1. All artists must certify that the work is their sole creation and are not in violation of any intellectual property rights. If accused of any infringement of intellectual property rights, artists agree that PULSE Clinic will not be liable in any lawsuit and any indemnity imposed.

2. If selected as a finalist, the artist’s works will be shown in a group exhibition at the Bangkok PULSE Art Gallery and auctioned at the conclusion of the exhibition. Fifty percent of the proceeds will be paid to the artist and the remaining 50% will be donated to the Foundation for Life to support testing and treatment of populations without access to financing.

3. Artists agree to allow PULSE Clinic to reproduce or distribute images of the submitted works for marketing, public relations, sales and advertising purposes.

For more information, you can ask us directly.

Contact PULSE AWARDS Staff